Analysing and Improving Communication

Engineering context

Engineers are often analytically minded and this influences their communication style and ability to fit into a team and work environment. By understanding your own style, and the preferred communication style of others, it can lead to an improved communication capability.

This one-day workshop provides engineers with a powerful analytical approach to understanding their natural communication style and adapting to different communication styles from their own. Based on the extended DISC behavioural profiling system, you will learn four natural communication styles and how to adapt your communication to relevant stakeholders such as engineers and non-engineers within the community and engineering profession.

The workshop also includes a report on your own style and identifies the implications of your own approach to communication.

Analysing and Improving Communication
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Is this course for you?

This workshop is for you if you're an engineer who has difficulty communicating because of your analytical personality. You might also be a manager looking to coach your engineering staff to better communicate with customers and other stakeholders within the organisation.


Your facilitator for this course

Dr Tim Kannegieter is an engineer and a communication coach with a background in engineering journalism. He is the former editor of Engineers Australia's magazine. Tim has a degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in communicative interaction across organisational boundaries. 

In addition to his qualification in extended DISC, he is also a qualified personal coach and a master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). He recently established InDepth Communication Coaching to help people be successful at home and work through better communication skills.  

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