Training Courses Required for Engineering Teams


Engineering Education Australia is the wholly owned education and training provider of Engineers Australia. We are constantly seeking new courses and workshops relevant to engineering teams from practitioner to manager and leadership levels.


EEA takes all the risk of the learning being successful and provides partners with exposure to a large audience of engineering professionals.


What areas are we interested in?

Engineering Education Australia offers a range of education and training opportunities in the following areas:

  • Leadership and management
  • Business and communications
  • Project Management
  • Technical Engineering
  • Transition programs for international engineers

Any proposals for new education and training programs should not duplicate existing areas.

EEA has a strong interest in increasing its offer of technical engineering education and training and preference will be given to submissions addressing this need.


EEA works with partners who are RTO’s to offer formal qualifications.


What types of training experiences?

EEA offers a broad range of learning experiences that include:

  • 1 or 2 day workshops
  • Programs of up to 2 years
  • Residential of up to 6 days
  • Master classes of 2 to 5 days
  • Online

We are looking to develop additional learning experiences across all types however we are placing emphasis on distance learning to address the needs of regionally located and time poor engineers.


Who Owns the IP?

EEA’s business model is that of a broker of education and training opportunities for engineering teams. As such we do not require ownership of the intellectual property and will ensure that the IP stays with our partners.


Who takes the commercial risks?

EEA assumes the risk that the learning opportunities will at least break even. Our partners are paid and agreed daily rate whilst EEA is responsible for all costs of the learning.


EEA is responsible for the marketing, registrations, delegate communication, venues and notes. All partners have to do is deliver the learning experience to an excellent standard and EEA looks after the rest.


What is the process?

We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal and then the process for consideration involves:


  1. Assess relevance, technical competence and facilitation skills.  This will often include referral to relevant college or committee of Engineers Australia for guidance. Decision on whether to proceed to the next stage will be communicated to you.
  2. Preliminary discussions of partner commercial arrangements including daily fee, IP and customer questions.  If there is interest to proceed, you will be asked to produce a detailed plan of the learning experience and the notes that will support it.
  3. Your learning plan and notes will be reviewed to assess whether a trail of the product should proceed. You will be advised if a trial has been approved.
  4.  If a trial has been approved, then the partner agreement will be finalised.  Location and dates will be set for the trial. EEA will work actively with you to develop appropriate marketing materials and plans to ensure we give the trial every chance of success.
  5.  If the trial is a success, EEA will discuss scheduling of the product across all its key locations.


Submit a Proposal

Download and complete the Training Proposal application form.  Once completed, please email the form to