Contract Management

This two day contract management course covers the contemporary legal frameworks and issues in which procurement and contract management operate.


Practical tools and techniques are presented and applied during the course to ensure that participants gain a better understanding of their own real contracts and how to achieve required outcomes, products and services.


Case studies are an integral part of the course and provide a practical application to the content set out in the participants workbook.


This course applies Contract Law to engineering and is in accordance with AS2124 and AS4000.


Recognised for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by Engineers Australia (EA) in accordance with EA CPD Guidelines



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Target Audience

For those who are seeking a better understanding of contract management and how it applies to engineering.

Course Outline

Introduction to the Legal System in which Contracts Operate

An introduction to the legal framework in which contracts operate including sources of law, precedent and case law, introduction to contract drafting.


Contract Requirements

Requirements in order to create a valid contract including what is necessary to create a contract (and what a contract is not)


Issues Surrounding Contracts

Contractual concepts, parties’ rights and obligations in relation to non-performance including liquidated damages, pre-contractual promises, implied terms, estoppel, factors affecting whether a contract is enforceable or not



Liability and duty of care, negligence by professionals and how to minimise these risks.


Disclosure in Contracting

Disclosure in relation to contracting – rights and obligations and including ways to protect your interests.


Anti-Competitive Aspects of Contracting

Dangerous practices in relation to contracting including collusion; Bid rigging; Refusing to deal with particular businesses; Requirements to share infrastructure with competitors.



Outsourcing – pros and cons, different contract types including lump sum, schedule of rates, cost plus, incentive contracting, alliance contracting. Incorporating discussion of current experiences with outsourcing from different enginering organisations (has it worked well or not, how to maximise benefits of outsourcing).

Types of Contracts

Lump sum; Cost plus; Incentive based contracting; Alliance contracting; Review clauses of actual contracts; Standard form contracts including AS2124 and AS4000.


Tendering Processes

Tendering processes, typical criteria and weightings, typical approaches, managing the process effectively.


Special Contract Clauses

Specific clauses in contracts eg intellectual property, latent conditions, key person clauses.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the legal framework in which contracts operate
  • Know how to create a contract
  • Understand issues in terms of contract drafting
  • Have an awareness of rights and responsibilities in relation to non-performance
  • Have an awareness of liability climate in which we currently operate
  • Have an awareness of anti-competitive aspects of contracting
  • Have an awareness of issues regarding tendering processes


“Excellent introduction to Contract Law. Useful to many aspects of the job and life in general.”


“The Contract Management course was extremely informative, providing pertinent examples along the way which assisted your mind to contemplate the topic."


“A course I strongly recommend to anybody involved with Contract Management at any level.”


"The course was very informative and interesting."


"My thanks to Phil for an excellent and informative course."

Facilitator Information

Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy is a Senior Solicitor with Doyles Construction Lawyers, providing advice at the front end on construction contracts, and at the back end on dispute settlement. His background includes advising both the Government and private sector clients on a host of major projects and claims, as well as working in the building and construction industry for many years before studying law. He is also a Director of the Society of Construction Law Australia, and an active and eager educator on construction matters. Sean brings an enthusiastic and participative approach to all courses, and is also a qualified training professional.


Stephen Kempe

Stephen has multi-functional experience across commercial, contract and project management roles in both the government and private sector. He has experience in developing, tendering, negotiating and managing small projects through to multi-million dollar international contracts. His experience spans a broad range of contract and agreement types as well as the full lifecycle of contract and sub-contract management and related activities. Stephen offers in-depth subject matter expertise on best practices in contract and subcontract management, cost control, customer relationship management, and acquisition program management. Stephen has a holistic and project focus on delivering contract and project outcomes whilst maintaining corporate governance requirements, management of the contract framework, leadership and supplier and risk management. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Psychology, a Diploma of Project Management, he is a Fellow of Leadership Western Australia and is a Certified Practicing Project Manager and he has completed numerous external courses on financial management, risk management, scheduling, leadership and course facilitation.


Phillip Hall

Phillip is a Contracts Specialist with experience working on complex, schedule-driven national and international agreements. He has been responsible for the full spectrum of commercial and contract management activities including, tender and solution development, contractual drafting, negotiations, contract management, dispute resolution and closure. Phillip has primarily worked in the defence industry, managing contracts and subcontracts for multi-billion dollar defence programs, however he also has experience working in the construction and training delivery environments. In addition to offering expertise in commercial and contract management, Phillip is experienced working across a broad range of functions including engineering, program management, risk and schedule management, customer liaison and expectation management. Phillip specialises in offering practical outcome-focused advice, while working within legal, corporate and government regulations. Phillip has a Bachelor of Law (Honours) and a Bachelor of Economics degree from the Australian National University and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the College of Law. He is also a member of the International Association for Contract and Commercial Managers and has mentored for the Young Achievement Australia program.


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